When it comes to our households, we all want to do more. We’re already recycling with our Blue Boxes and returning our organic waste through our Green Bins.

Now it’s time to make the drop – Orange Drop.

Orange Drop is here to help recycle the municipal household hazardous and special waste materials that we use and that need extra care when they’ve reached the end of their useful lives.

Our aim at Stewardship Ontario is simple – we encourage you to live by the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and to use BUD guidelines for these types of materials – Buy only what you need, Use it all up, Dispose of the rest. Our Orange Drop program is designed to help you with the third R – recycling and disposal.

We work to recover and recycle or dispose of your MHSW materials to ensure they don't end up dumped in landfills and poured down sewers and drains. And, so they don't end up sitting in our homes taking up space in our garages, basements and other storage areas.

You can return materials to your local Municipal Recycling Facility, to collection events and to many retailers. And now, thousands of Ontario pharmacies take back pharmaceuticals, sharps, needles and syringes as part of the Orange Drop program. Together, we can make Ontario a world leader in the collection, recycling and safe disposal of these materials.

For our environment, for our kids and for ourselves – It’s time to make the drop!

Questions?? Get them answered by emailing info@makethedrop.ca