Tips on Creating your Own Drop Zone

Make your own At Home Drop Zone

We’re all used to the convenience of regular curbside collection of our Blue Box recyclables but it does require a bit more effort to recycle your Orange Drop materials. Just because there isn’t curbside pick up or an official bin to drop things in doesn’t mean you can’t manage these materials easily and responsibly at home. Next time you take a battery out of a remote, appliance or a toy, don’t toss it in the garbage. Collect them in a convenient place until you can make a trip to an Orange Drop Zone to recycle them. Got left over paint you can’t use up or give away? Plan to take it back to one of our retail collection sites next time you run an errand there.

Here are a few tips on how to unwaste your space and make the drop.
  • Find a small area that isn’t often used and call it your Drop Zone – it can be as small as an Orange Drop bag stored in your basement, garage or closet where you can gather or collect Orange Drop materials you may be finished with. Always make sure any dangerous materials are put in sealed containers and are out of reach of children
  • Make Drop Boxes for different categories of materials – keep all your old used batteries together in a box or plastic tub in a kitchen drawer. Keep all your aerosol containers in a reusable shopping bag or extra Blue Blue bin
  • If you have used sharps, or pharmaceuticals collect them in a Ziploc bag out of reach from children and plan to return them on your next trip to the drug store
  • Make plans to empty your Orange Drop materials once a month at your nearest Orange Drop depot – find the nearest location to you here (hyperlink to the search page) or check out when there is a collection event near you

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