You use a lancet to check your glucose levels every morning, and give yourself insulin shots with a syringe. But  how are you disposing of  those sharps once you’re done?

We all know that disposing of used lancets, pens and syringes in the garbage exposes those handling waste to accidental needle sticks and worse – the risk of transmitting blood-borne diseases.  Sharps waste can also be subject to reuse and misuse, especially if the end up in the wrong hands.

Fortunately, you can play it safe, by returning these materials to an official Orange Drop pharmacy in your community.  When you visit a participating pharmacy, you can pick up an Orange Drop sharps disposal container made of puncture resistant, hard shell plastic and labeled as a “biohazard.” Collect your used sharps in the container and then return the container to your pharmacy, where you’ll get a replacement. It’s that easy. 

What's Included

Orange Drop covers all sharps you use in your home for you, your family or your pets. These include needles, syringes, lancets and pens.

It's time to Make the Drop Orange Drop!

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