Sharps You repainted your kitchen three years ago but you’ve still got leftover paint sitting in the basement. So what do you do with it? Try using some to freshen up scuffs or scrapes, add to high-traffic areas, substitute for primer or complete a small project. If you don’t want the paint yourself, consider donating it to a friend, neighbour or community organization.  

Can’t use it up or don’t know anyone who can? You can return your leftover paints and coatings and their containers to your local Municipal Recycling Facility, a collection event near you or a retail collection site, including participating Lowe’s, Home Depot and RONA stores in your community.

What's included?

Paints and coatings colour and protect our world. But many of us have too much of a good thing. In fact, research suggests that leftover paint in Ontario every year could fill the equivalent of 320 residential-size swimming pools.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Try to avoid buying too much in the first place. Purchase only what you need – if you’re not sure, consult your retailer or check one of the handy paint calculators available on most paint retailer or home decorating websites. Use all you buy – and store any leftovers properly with a secured lid (and out of reach of animals and children) for future touchups. As a last resort, dispose of unwanted paint and coatings properly.

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