The thermometer in your medicine cabinet, the switch that activates the gas valve in your cooking range, the blood pressure cuff you bought for home use, even the switches in your child’s light-up sneakers…all have one thing in common. As mercury-containing products, they require special care.

Today, many products that once contained mercury now substitute electrical components for mercury. Other devices contain far smaller amounts of mercury, but even small amounts need to be handled with care. You probably already know that mercury-containing devices, such as the switch in your chest freezer that turns on the light when the lid is raised, should never be thrown out.

Fortunately, you can ensure that all these devices get the care they deserve. Now you can return these materials to your local Municipal Recycling Facility or to a collection event in your community.

What's included?

Mercury is found in measuring devices, such as thermometers, manometers, hydrometers and barometers (device to measure atmospheric pressure). And in switches in white goods such as mercury in appliances (e.g., chest freezers and gas ranges).

Orange Drop also covers all other mercury switches found in other products (e.g., bilge pumps) that open or close an electrical circuit or a liquid or gas valve activated by temperature pressure or liquid level. These include pressure switches, which respond to a change in pressure, and float switches, which are activated by rising or falling liquid levels.

Most thermostats, other than electronic ones, contain mercury – these are increasingly being replaced by more energy-efficient, mercury-free thermostats.

It's time to Make the Drop – Orange Drop!

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