You’ve had that camping fuel since you last went camping – three years ago! You don’t want to use it now, but you know you shouldn’t  throw it in the garbage either. So what do you do with it? If you can’t donate it to a friend, neighbour or community organization, you can now return it to your local Municipal Recycling Facility or a collection event in your community.

What's included?

Flammables, defined as products that are capable of burning or causing a fire, include solvents, such as turpentine, cement thinners, brush cleaners, paint strippers and mineral spirits; gasoline, including diesel and all automotive fuels; automotive additives, such as fuel enhancer and gas-line antifreeze; and windshield washer fluid.

All Orange Drop materials require special care. Flammables, for example, need to be properly stored – keep tightly sealed in a cool area (always avoid sources of heat and flame) and follow any storage directions on the label. When it comes to flammables, the Girl Guides have the right idea. Be prepared: know what materials in your home are flammable, and how to extinguish them. 

It's time to Make the Drop – Orange Drop!

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