Not sure what to with that leftover fertilizer from last year? You can always store it until you need it next, or better yet, donate it to a friend or neighbour. Don’t know someone whose lawn needs a little TLC?

Now, you can return your leftover fertilizer to your local Municipal Recycling Facility or a collection event in your community.

What's included?  

Fertilizers supplements and micronutrients (less than 30 kg) covered by Orange Drop include any substance manufactured or sold as a plant nutrient. This includes products marketed as compost, soil, manure, and composted manure that make a nutrient claim, as well as all synthetically derived products.

Fertilizers include things like shrub and tree food, lawn fertilizer, rose fertilizer, and multipurpose fertilizer.

Fertilizers contribute to a lush green lawn, promote shoot and root growth and help plants withstand stresses, such as disease and drought. But they should never be tossed in the trash or washed down the drain.

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