Whether it’s air freshener in the bathroom, oven cleaner in the kitchen or spray paint in the garage, we all have aerosol containers in our homes. When it comes to aerosols – like most Orange Drop products – try to buy only what you need, use it up or give it to a friend, neighbour or community group.

Finished with them? Now you can return these materials to your local Municipal Recycling Facility or a collection event in your area.

What's included?

All aerosol containers are covered. Aerosols contain a non-refillable product and a propellant that are packed under pressure and fitted with a self-closing device that allows the contents to be ejected. These include spray paints and lacquers; furniture spray; cleaning products; hairspray; air freshener; shaving cream; stain remover; sunblock; pain relief sprays; do-it-yourself (DIY) products; insecticide; and even food products, such as cooking spray, whipped cream and even processed cheese.  

Be safe, not sorry – always follow all label recommendations, keep aerosols away from heat, children and pets, and never toss your containers in the trash.   

It's time to Make the Drop – Orange Drop!

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